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Roofspace Solutions introduce Rombit safety wearables for lone workers

6 October 2022
Damian Bemben

In a first for the UK Construction Industry, Roofspace Solutions have invested in Rombit’s innovative wearables to provide state of the art safety and support for its workforce, putting worker welfare at the forefront of its operations.

Roofspace & Net4 (Rombit’s official UK partner) have worked closely on deploying the lone worker solution to their Contracts Managers and after care team. The solution provides immediate alerts if a worker is in distress, suffers a shock or fall as well as alerting if they become motionless.  It is also possible to remotely check if a worker is safe, providing proactive safety measures.  By weaving the technology into its H&S practices the wearable provides Roofspace’s employees with increased protection, with the knowledge that an alarm will be raised in the event of an incident.

The devices are connected via the mobile network, which enables UK wide coverage and are battery powered to provide all day use.  By utilising the latest positioning technology and various sensors, alarms are triggered automatically.  They can be worn on a wrist, arm or ankle and provide haptic feedback to the user as well as flashing LEDs.

Mike Corless, Construction Manager

“At Roofspace Solutions we take the health and safety of our colleagues, contractors and customers very seriously. We are always looking at ways we can improve safety within our business, especially for those who work alone. The introduction of the wearables is a big step forward in ensuring our team are safe at all times and in the unlikely event of an accident, that we can ensure medical assistance is available as quickly as possible.”

Mike Corless, Construction Manager

About Roofspace Solutions –

Using modern methods of construction, our innovative solutions assist with traditional build, helping to meet the increasing demand for improved quality and speed of delivery within the construction industry. As an award-winning provider, our i-Roof and i-House solutions deliver effective alternatives, designed and manufactured in our Warwickshire off-site production facility.

About Net4 –

Net4 provides technology solutions for the Construction industry & connected workforce.  Our solutions focus on health & safety, worker optimisation and remote support.

About Rombit

Rombit’s plug-and-play IoT solutions enable you to substantially improve your worker safety compliance, the performance of your material handling equipment, the efficiency of your operations and the physical security on your site.

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