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Making technology work for your business

Net4 provides organisations with valuable technology solutions. Our solutions are split into three key areas: Video Analytics, Worker Safety, and Business Connectivity.


Making Cameras Smarter

Gain more from your existing camera systems or network. Key use cases:
Obstructions & building safety
Loitering detection
Intrusion detection
People counting and occupancy
People tracking and flow
Object detection and monitoring

Rombit Worker Safety

Connecting humans and machines

Improve the productivity, safety and security of your operational workforce and mobile assets. Key use cases:
Lone worker support
Evacuation management
Collision avoidance
Driver behaviour
Zones & ranging
Net4 is the UK partner for Rombit solutions
Worker Safety


Making Connectivity Work

Professional cellular connectivity for businesses & the enterprise. Key use cases:
Secure work from home solutions
Internet of Things connectivity
Failover / back up broadband
5G Edge connectivity
Remote building connectivity
Smart retail applications
Net4, an IoT Solutions Provider

NET4 Solutions

Net4’s health & safety solutions keep your staff and customers safe by providing unfailing and continuous vigilance, alerting you to hazards, non-compliance and unauthorised behaviour before it can cause harm. Learn More
Retail is an increasingly competitive sector.  Net4’s solutions help retailers to streamline operations, maximizing sales and optimising customer experience. Learn More
The factory of the future is an exciting destination. Let Net4’s industry-ready solutions launch you on your journey towards digital transformation. Learn More
Net4’s suite of solutions for the care sector provide insights into hospitals and other medical facilities that allow managers to automate and streamline non-clinical functions to focus staff and budgets on patient care. Learn More
Enterprise grade super-fast, secure, mobile 5G broadband.  Our mobile solutions keep your business connected & online. Learn More
The demands on logistics providers are increasing and evolving rapidly. Customers expect more, and global changes are creating new challenges. Let Net4’s solutions make your supply chain smarter. Learn More
Any urban environment is a fluid, complex space with many stakeholders and many moving parts. Net4’s solutions give you the tools and insights that you need today to build the smart, liveable city of tomorrow. Learn More
The world of work is changing. By understanding how your workspace is used over time lets you resize, repurpose and adapt policy and practice to use existing space smarter instead of costly upsizing. Learn More
Net4’s solutions keep track of the location, movement, condition, performance and volume of your key assets across multiple sites and in transit, allowing you to manage your inventory and plan procurement and simply and effectively. Learn More
Many business challenges can’t be solved by off-the-shelf systems. Net4 has the expertise to design, test, pilot and install bespoke solutions that don’t cost the earth. Learn More
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