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Industrial Technology

Partnering with Pepperl+Fuchs

The Internet of Things has sparked a revolution in industry. Harnessing the capabilities of new digital technologies is crucial to compete in this new landscape – but the speed and complexity of technological advances can be a barrier to adoption.

Net4 can guide you to the solution that best matches your business needs. We integrate cutting-edge sensor technology from world leading suppliers like Pepperl+Fuchs into products that can be rapidly deployed in any industrial setting. This technology can monitor quality, performance, productivity, anomalies and inventory in real time across multiple sites and in transit, generating large volumes of data that Net4’s AI-driven intelligent analytics software ( programmed to your requirements) processes, analyses and delivers to you through a user-friendly interface as concrete, bankable operational intelligence.

This robust, accurate information allows you to modernise with confidence and transition to industry 4.0.

Net4 understands the importance of privacy and security within video analytics. We employ the highest standards possible to ensure the integrity of the data used. The seeware platform is designed to comply with the Arm Trust manifesto and arm’s platform security architecture standards

Detects anomalies invisible to the human eye

Helps you respond to unpredictability in markets and supply chains

Minimises unscheduled down time through accurate predictive maintenance

De-risks a just-in-time approach to supply and procurement

The work undertaken for the Made Smarter Review found that the positive impact of faster innovation and adoption of Industrial Digital Technologies could be as much as £455 billion for UK manufacturing over the next decade

Source: Made Smarter review of UK industry, 2017

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