Worker Safety

Preventing Accidents, Ensuring Compliance

Net4’s worker safety pack provides the real-time intelligence you need to create a safe and secure workplace for your staff, clients and visitors.

Industrial environments are difficult places to monitor. Our cutting-edge sensor technology combined with existing or new camera networks can monitor and alert you instantly to dangerous situations like spills, proximity and unauthorised access or machine use so you can prevent accidents before they happen. 

Net4’s ongoing recording and reporting functions provide you with longer-term information to help you detect and address endemic safety issues and consistently dangerous behaviour and demonstrate compliance for regulatory and insurance purposes.

A smart wearable to protect workers

Alerts wearers of potential dangers and critical events

A fixed anchor for monitoring vehicles & machines

Profile & streamline vehicle utilisation

Work-related injury costs the UK economy £5.6 BN every year. net4 safety solutions cost £0.95 a day. (One Module + One Platform + One Hardware)

Net4 Products for Worker Safety

Romware Alert

Using Rombit wearables to monitor site and personnel safety
Incident worker localisation.  Pinpoint exact location of the person in danger
Smart muster points guide personnel to designated safety area
Man-down alert. Our solution sends automatic alarms when a fall is detected
Personal SOS button. Immediate SOS alert when in trouble
Active wear detection. Monitor and alert if device is removed
Lone Worker Support, Man Down

Romware Protect

Utilising Rombit anchors, actively safeguard personnel from harm
Proximity detection Alert when two people or objects are too close
Approaching vehicle warning. Alert’s workers of vehicle presence to prevent collision
Driver warning. Visual and audible alert within the vehicle cockpit to notify the driver of another workers proximity
Credential-based vehicle access. Prevent unauthorized use of vehicle and heavy plant
Driver behaviour. Track vehicle parameters along with real-time driver feedback. Identify dangerous, eco and abusive driving
Collision Avoidance

Romware Covid

Using Rombit wearables to maintain social distancing and contact tracing at work
Social distancing. Notify workers when they come too close to each other
Contact tracing. GDPR compliant tracing to identify high risk contacts

Romware Platform

One platform for realtime notifications and alerts
Realtime monitoring and analytics platform
Advanced safety analytics (near misses, vehicle and worker safety profiles), speeding behaviour, site heatmaps and more)
Advanced operational analytics (usage percentage, driving behaviour, eco behaviour, bumps monitoring and more)
Ranging & Position Detection
Evacuation Management