Profusion Data Management

Net4’s IoT Data Management service allows you to focus on working with insights inside your applications data.

Net4 provides access to the core IoT data using a scalable, secure service that ingests data from any IoT device or protocol and delivering a platform for automated action, data integration and analytics. 


Net4 provide a secure, scalable solution that ingests data over multiple IoT protocols including MQTT, HTTP/S, and APIs store data for the purpose of forwarding on to our customers platforms in a set structured format such as JSON. In addition, the Net4 solution enables organisations to distribute automated responses to known events to deliver increased business operational efficiencies. This allows our customers to work with a final set of data rather than needing to onboard sensors and continually adapt to changes to those devices. Net4 are support any sensor / gateway type and communication delivery protocol allowing us to work with best of breed devices and to remove the extra development load on our partners so they can keep their development focused on their core application and analytics development where they add the most value to their customers.


Net4’s data management service accelerates your ability to focus on business insights , and actions through the ability to deliver