SMS Delivery

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About SMS Delivery

Useful Delivering information using the Short Message Service (SMS) format allowing 160 characters of text to be sent to users with mobile phones. SMS provides a simple and convenient and widely accepted format of information delivery to alert or inform users of information or event from your application.

What is SMS Delivery?

Net4 work with tier one messaging service providers and mobile telephone networks allowing our customers to benefit from our rate negotiation and premium delivery routes. There are many considerations when choosing the right SMS provider to ensure your messages are delivered in the timescales you expect in-line with the use case you are delivering. We have great experience in helping our customers choose the right solution from simple API to advanced workflow application design. We can assist and advise on the right use of inbound numbering format and message identification tagging to make your use case a success. Net4 specialise in high volume message delivery and API information exchange.