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Asset Management

Optimise maintenance, procurement and inventory

Monitoring assets continuously in real time – be it fixed machinery, portable blah equipment, vehicles or consumables – is one of the highest value applications of Internet of Things technology in any work environment

Net4 solutions incorporate world-leading technology from our partners to centrally monitor the location, performance, movement and quantity of assets anywhere on your estate so you can optimise your purchasing, layout and operations to drive efficiency, save money, enhance safety and reduce your carbon footprint.

Monitor the location, quantity and condition of your assets continuously in real time
Track assets across multiple sites and in transit
Detect and pre-empt harmful or costly incidents
Streamline your fleet, inventory and maintenance schedule to cut costs

With [asset tracking], you can substantiate the decisions you need to make in your organization every day and predict their outcomes with the data derived from your assets. Change the way in which your organization works, by creating more robust processes and increasing control over uncertainties

Source: Deloitte

Net4 Asset Management IOT Solutions

Inventory management

Net4 technology can monitor your inventory on shelves, in warehouses or in transit across multiple sites, responding in real time to fluctuations in demand and issues in supply chains to make sure the goods you need are always where you need them, when you need them.

Our systems can be tailored to your specific requirements and present the information most useful to your business in a user-friendly dashboard or app on any smart device. Pre- and re-ordering can be optimised through automation, with built-in intelligence that learns from historic data and responds to real time information on stock levels, shrinkage and damage.

Asset Tracking

Mobile assets can go astray in a busy workplace, causing staff to waste precious time in locating the equipment they need to do their job. Net4’s asset management tools mean your workforce can lay their hands key items whenever they need them – and alert you to theft, wastage and unauthorised removal.

We include remote assets in our monitoring solutions, keeping offsite visits to a minimum and mapping the most efficient route and schedule.

Fleet Monitoring

Automation can create sizeable efficiencies for your business, but there is a limit to the equipment humans can operate without compromising staff safety. Net4’s automatic sensors can derisk technology by anticipating collisions with pinpoint accuracy and stopping moving plant in a fraction of the time it would take a human to react, giving you the confidence to modernise with faster, more powerful machines working in close synchronicity.

Our systems can also provide real-time usage data for all your vehicles to identify over- and under-utilisation so you can streamline and optimise your fleet.

Safety & SEcurity

Keeping staff and assets safe and secure is a priority for any business.

Net4 provides cutting edge sensor technology that ensures humans and machines co-exist safely by alerting operators and bystanders to dangerous proximity. Together with video analytics, our systems warn you of unauthorised or unsafe use of assets or dangerous driver behaviour so you can address safety issues before they cause harm.

Our systems are more sensitive and reliable than human observation, detecting unstable or improperly loaded racks, malfunctioning machinery or suspicious activity early enough for you to prevent injury, theft or damage.


Predictive Maintenance

Unscheduled shutdowns damage your business, but unnecessary maintenance increases your costs. By analysing a large volume of performance data in real time and comparing it against known failure points and ‘normal’ performance parameters, Net4’s systems can pre-empt breakdowns and detect deterioration long before it is noticeable to the human eye so you can plan ahead to keep your assets working smoothly while optimising your maintenance schedule around planned shutdowns and sourcing costly parts only when you need them.

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