Bespoke IoT Solutions

Unique Challenges Need A Unique Approach

Not every problem fits neatly into a defined box. Net4 has the expertise and experience to guide you through the available capabilities and functionality, select the right hardware for your needs and manage the end-to-end flow of your bespoke technology needs.

Our simple, three-stage process gives you confidence in the solution before making a significant investment.
Highly flexible to adapt to your needs 
Straightforward, simplified integration
Low-cost, low-risk proof of concept
Rapidly deployable and repeatable solutions

Evolve adoption of IoT with a phased, controlled and pragmatic series of stages, addressing operational usage and organisational impact

The Net4 Approach

Proof-of-Concept  >  Pilot  >  Production

1. Proof of Concept

Minimal cost
Identifies value metrics
Proves solution
Short duration - weeks to a few months

2. Pilot

Evolves cost
Proves business case
Provides value data
Months in duration

3. Production

Production cost
Delivers agreed value
Service lifetime duration
Minimal cost Integration to wider business processes and business insight

4. Evolution

Solution extension
Operational usage growth of services and devices
Production cost
Incremental Business Value
Service lifetime duration