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Efficient and Responsive Logistics Services

The modern supply chain is changing and evolving at a tremendous rate, transformed by continuous advances in digital technologies. At the same time, unpredictable external factors are putting pressure on traditional logistics routes, leading to sudden shortages and pinchpoints .

To keep pace with these developments, logistics need to be responsive, flexible, forward looking and smart. At Net4, we offer our customers cutting edge technology behind a simple, user-friendly interface . From  intelligent control of your equipment to continuous monitoring of your warehouses and entire network of operations, our systems can  alert you to problems before they  happen and analyse vast amounts of data from a range of sources  in real time to present you with intelligent solutions to get your good where they need to be.     
Intelligent management of an entire logistics network
Combining current, external and historic data to find the most efficient solution
Future-proof and responsive to pre-empt the unexpected
Complex technology in a simple package

The highly dynamic logistic markets and the advancing complexity of logistic networks require new methods, products and services. Aspects such as flexibility, adaptability and proactivity gain importance and can only be achieved by integration of new technologies.

Source: Source: A Definition Approach to Smart Logistics - Dieter Uckelman

Net4 IoT Logistics Solutions

Inventory management

Net4 can provide you with the technology to track and monitor your inventory across multiple sites and in transit, responding in real time to fluctuations in demand and issues in supply chains to make sure the goods you need are always where you need them, when you need them. Modern smart technology can analyse streams of data from your own sensors and systems and compare them against data from a host of external sources (weather forecasts, seasonal calendar, major sporting events, traffic reports…) to give you a detailed, timely and accurate response to current and upcoming circumstances across your network.

Our systems can be tailored to your specific requirements and present you with the information most useful to your business in a user-friendly dashboard or app on any smart device. Optimising routes, pre- and re-ordering can all be optimised through automation, with built-in intelligence that learns from historic data and responds to current events, allowing you to streamline your processes and guarantee your customers a reliable, responsive service.

Fleet Monitoring

Human machine interactions are common in logistics hubs, but there is a limit to the equipment humans can operate without compromising staff safety. Net4’s sensors can derisk technology by anticipating collisions with pinpoint accuracy and stopping moving plant in a fraction of the time it would take a human to react, giving you the confidence to modernise with faster, more powerful machines working in close synchronicity.

Our sensors can be used to detect unstable or improperly loaded racks in time to prevent costly collapse; they can monitor use of vehicles across your fleet to identify efficiencies and optimise your maintenance schedule; and they can monitor driver behaviour and unauthorised use to alert you to a need for further training or intervention.

Asset Management

Mobile assets can go astray in a busy warehouse or logistics hub, causing staff to waste precious time in locating the right equipment to do their job. Net4’s asset management tools mean your workforce can lay their hands on a trolley, pick and pack basket, scanner or any other key item whenever they need them – and alert you to theft, wastage and unauthorised removal.

Health & Safety & Security

Logistics facilities are fluid and potentially hostile environments. Net4 have a range of solutions to safeguard your staff, productivity and reputation. From visitor management and restricted areas to PPE compliance, spill and hazard detection, collision warnings and lone worker protection, you can find out more about how Net4 can help on our Heath & Safety Page.