Medical IoT Solutions

Smart Facilities to Enhance Patient Care

Health services worldwide are under increasing strain, with increasing demand for care alongside shrinking budgets. The latest advances in digital technologies can help hospitals and care facilities maintain the highest standards while channelling more of their available resources directly into caring for patients.

From asset tracking to facilities management, record keeping and cold chain, PPE and Legionella compliance, modern smart solutions can optimise and automate many of the more routine support tasks so that skilled medical professionals can focus on their patients.

At Net4 we have the expertise to guide you through the tools on offer and provide you with the best solution for your specific needs, facilities and budget.
Automate non-clinical tasks to devote more time and money to patients
Keep your staff, patients and visitors safe
Ensure strict compliance with hygiene and safety measures
Optimise procurement and use of key assets
GDPR compliant solutions that safeguard privacy. 

[A smart hospital] is not simply about what the technology and tools can do, but what healthcare practitioners no longer have to do. By freeing up clinicians’ time, they can focus more on delivering the face-to-face careand, with the help of technology, maximise levels of performance and health outcomes.

Source: Karen Taylor - Director, UK Centre for Health Solutions 

Net4 Medical Solutions

Facilities management

Hospitals are fluid, complex sites where stringent levels of hygiene must be maintained across a large estate with high footfall. Net4 technology can monitor traffic in key areas like toilets and showers and identify spills, mess and supply shortages – all in real time. By knowing exactly which areas need cleaning when, you can maintain the highest standards of cleanliness while optimising the time and resources involved, meaning more of your budget can be dedicated to patient care.

Net4 can also optimise energy bills, reduce environmental impact and ensure a pleasant environment for patients by continuously monitoring and adjusting air quality, temperature and noise levels, alerting building management to recurring anomalies so maintenance can be targeted at problem areas.

Security & Safety

The security and safety of staff and patients is paramount in care settings, but high footfall and a need to remain accessible can make hospitals a soft target. Net4 solutions allow you to distinguish between staff and visitors and identify unauthorised access to predefined areas; they can recognise incidents of theft, threatening behaviour and assaults and alert security immediately; and they can keep your most vulnerable patients safe by alerting carers when they leave a specified area and helping locate them again. Since our solutions recognise actions, situations and sensors rather than individual faces and don’t involve human observation or storage of images, they are GDPR-complaint and safeguard the privacy of staff, patients and visitors.

Cold chain & Asset tracking

Net4 uses sensor technology to ensure all medical supplies are cold chain compliant throughout their journey. Trackers enclosed in packaging for drugs, blood and samples and simple, small temperature tags on fridges and freezers alert carriers and hospital staff immediately if the temperature approaches unsafe levels. They keep a full history of all temperature fluctuations to provide you with a fully traceable record of compliance.

Our sensors can also be installed in hospitals and ambulances to track mobile assets such as wheelchairs, defibrillators and heart monitors that can often stray during busy shifts. Pressure sensors can let your staff know in real time where beds are available across your estate. This means medical staff will always know where to lay their hands on the right equipment quickly in emergency situations, and which wards have room for patients at any given time. In the longer term it enables asset managers to minimise wastage, duplication and surplus in procurement.


From the correct use of PPE and handwashing regimes to automated records of medicines, Net4 offer a range of solutions to help you monitor and demonstrate compliance with measures in place to protect patients and staff.

Tags on bottles and wearable sensors on beds or patients record what medicine was given to whom and when, alerting nursing staff to duplicate or missed doses. This safeguards both your patients and staff from possible human error and negligence claims in a busy and stressful environment. Sensors can even alert the pharmacy automatically when supplies are running low.

Net4’s simple off-the-peg Legionella Compliance Systems save you both time and money, removing the need for costly maintenance and manpower. We supply and install sensors for temperature testing, either alone or in combination with units for remote flushing that feed collected data back to a bespoke dashboard that presents it in real time through any smart device.