Retail IoT Solutions


Retail spaces are complex areas to monitor and understand. Net4’s technology delivers real-time insights that are accurate and detailed to maximise retail businesses of any type or size. 

We apply the latest video analytics technology to existing or new instore cameras to provide you with a deep understanding of stock, footfall and customer journey in an easy-to-read dashboard customised to your needs.  Our systems also alert your staff automatically to incidents that might negatively impact the customer experience and reduce your sales so they can respond quickly and effectively.
Reduce theft & understand stock depletion
Understand customer experience and behaviour
Optimise product availability through continuous stock monitoring
Keep your shop space safe and attractive
GDPR compliant, safeguards worker privacy

A security camera, which was previously only able to provide video data, can now also enable retailers to better understand their customers shopping habits and optimise business operations

Source: Retail Technology Review

Video Analytics IoT Solutions for Retail


Monitoring store use across your business hours empowers you to plan ahead effectively and with confidence. As well as anticipating peak times to ensure adequate staffing, our systems can tell you how customer profiles and buying habits vary through the week, allowing you to adjust your layout and displays to maximise sales. It can even help you plan deliveries of perishables.
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Stock Shrinkage

Our technology helps you keep stock optimised and available by detecting stolen, damaged and misplaced items and alerting your staff accordingly. It reduces theft by recognising whether an item is placed in a basket or a pocket and can remember which are your high-value areas.

Stock recognition capability can spot the switching of an item for a higher priced version at self-checkout. Our systems are self-learning, linking camera intelligence to tills to recognise stock by its packaging and update automatically when packaging changes without the need for time-consuming manual programming.

The system recognises actions rather than individuals and doesn’t store recorded images, so you can be confident that the privacy of your customers and staff is not at risk.

Shopper Analytics

Gain a complete picture of your customers’ journey and behaviour in your stores. Information on volume, movement and dwell time as well as demand for products and product information allows you to optimise customer experience and maximise sales.

Shelf Inventory Management

By using your cameras to audit your shelves, advanced camera technology can monitor your stock continuously in real time, sending alerts when items are running low and quickly identifying misplaced or mispriced products. This frees your staff for other tasks and ensures that your customers can find what they are looking for.

Planogram Compliance

Planograms are carefully designed to make your store appealing and pleasant to customers. Our technology can ensure that your planogram delivers as intended by alerting you to areas of non-compliance, such as incorrectly placed items and promo displays, untidiness and clutter, or half-empty shelves.
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