Smart City

Green, liveable, responsive

Net4’s Smart City Insights pack provides stakeholders across local authorities with powerful data in real time so they can respond swiftly to the ‘now’ and plan intelligently for the future.

We apply world-leading video analytics intelligence to extract data from your current camera feeds and fibre networks, turning your existing infrastructure into smart city infrastructure with no environmental footprint and no need for additional hardware, disruptive installation or costly maintenance and replacement. A one-off investment guarantees you real-time, accurate information, analysed and presented to each stakeholder according to their needs through a user-friendly interface accessed on any smart device.

And since our video analytics technology does not store images or identify individuals, it is more GDPR compliant than human monitoring of cameras.

Ongoing value from existing assets – excellent sustainability and value for money
Powerful real-world insights to inform spending
Responsive and people-centred planning to enhance lived experience
GDPR compliant and respectful of privacy
Pre-empts customer complaints with automatic, real-time alerts to nuisance

“Smartness” is not just about installing digital interfaces in traditional infrastructure or streamlining city operations. It is also about using technology and data purposefully to make better decisions and deliver a better quality of life.

Source: McKinsey Global Institute 

Net4 IoT Solutions for The Smart City


A fluid, efficient city must accommodate the needs of its population - how they use the space, where they go at different times of the day, week or year, and how they get around.

Net4’s intelligent systems use anonymous, non-facial feature recognition to track multiple individual journeys across numerous cameras, mapping and analysing the movements of a huge cohort of your population to generate detailed, comprehensive, accurate information on how people and urban environment interact.

Our video analytics intelligence monitors numbers and movement of pedestrians, bicycles and other vehicle types across the whole city, alerting you to blockages and hazards as they happen so you can manage incidents before they become unmanageable. It can cross reference incoming data against historic figures and external sources (weather forecasts, events calendars, news reports, seasonal norms…) to anticipate and pre-empt possible disruptions and keep the city flowing. It can even help you optimise your civic amenities like shopping centres, parks, stadia and entertainment venues by monitoring safety compliance, footfall and accessibility to highlight those that are underused or underperforming.

The processing capabilities of our cutting edge systems can run multiple analyses on high volumes of data in real time, providing all your stakeholders with the information they need for their specific purposes simultaneously through a user-friendly interface or custom-designed app.


Clean, attractive public spaces significantly enhance lived experience of urban settings – but maintaining standards can be challenging and resource-intensive.

Net4’s video analytics can be ‘taught’ to recognise specific elements from high-volume camera streams and alert relevant services in real time to nuisances like littering and spills, fly tipping, low lighting, vandalism and antisocial behaviour so they can focus their interventions where they are actually needed, saving time and resources to maximise budgets.

We can monitor bins and drains for a cost-effective just-in-time approach to maintenance and waste collection services, mapping the assets that need attention and planning the most efficient route between them – or provide accurate, real-world data to underpin city management contracts and monitor contractor performance.

Our environmental solutions support compliance with green indicators by monitoring factors like air and water quality, flooding and erosion, and empower local authorities to let natural spaces go wild by alerting park services when they cross the line from wildlife haven to hazards for passers-by.


Good planning relies on comprehensive, accurate and timely data. Net4’s solutions provide detailed and robust evidence to inform and justify your spending decisions. Cycle paths where cyclists need them most; better facilities to attract visitors to under-used green spaces; bins emptied whenever they are full; public transport that reflects actual journeys; better lighting where people loiter. Let us help you maximise your budget and spend it where it is needed most, to create the best environment for your residents and visitors.

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