Smart Spaces

The Perfect Tool for Managing the Workspace

The world of work is undergoing a revolution, and expectations of the workplace are evolving with it.

Net4 solutions keep you the forefront of developments by applying world-leading video analytics technology to new or existing camera networks to give you accurate, detailed insights into how your workplace is being used. With analysis and reporting of real-time use and historic patterns, our systems allow you to respond to fluctuations by streamlining operations and optimising functions and services. Reduce your costs and carbon footprint while maintaining the best possible working environment for your customers and staff.

Net4 makes it easier to instil your desired working culture from the top down in every part of your organisation by sharing information across your workforce using a simple customisable dashboard or bespoke app that can be tailored to different teams, departments and management levels.
Make the most of your existing estate
Space that evolves alongside your workforce
Reduce costs, increase comfort
GDPR compliant and completely anonymised

A smart office is a smart workplacethat combines several data-driven and digitally-enabled services and solutions to enhance worker experience and efficiency, realize cost and energy savings, and add value to the office building with apps for various stakeholders.


Video Analytics IoT Solutions for SMart Spaces

Occupancy and Counting

Net4 solutions keep track of how many people are in which parts of the building at any given time and can use zonal management to monitor unauthorised use of predefined areas.

Analysing occupancy and movement across weeks and months lets you to manage your pool of hotdesks, plan hybrid working patterns to spread office use more evenly over the working week, provide exactly the right level of services and minimise disruption from building maintenance and improvements.
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Space Utilisation

Net4 uses intelligent analysis on input from your cameras to monitor use of specific desks, meeting rooms, break out areas and other facilities. As hybrid working means that more spaces are shared, it is essential to give staff confidence before they get on a train that there will be a desk waiting for them, or that they will have a suitable space available to entertain clients and visitors. Our apps and dashboards can even direct them straight to available spaces and connect to your room booking software to provide a complete picture.

Net4 solutions can recognise when desks have a laptop or belongings placed on them but are not actually in use for a significant part of the day. This tells you whether a lack of desk space is due to genuine overuse or non-compliance with hotdesking policy, saving you from costly property expansion unless it is genuinely necessary.

Non-compliance with building management and flexible working policies can make a well-designed office inefficient and unfit for purpose. By providing robust and comprehensive data across the whole of your estate, Net4 takes responsibility for compliance out of the hands of individual managers and team leaders to ensure that policies are applied consistently across the organisation so your office runs the way it was designed to.

REsponsive Space Management

Net4 technology can record the use of meeting rooms, breakout spaces and other dedicated spaces and compare size of meetings to total capacity and seating. By analysing this data over time, it can identify areas that are usually over-subscribed or utilised (or used in an unintended way) so you can repurpose or resize your spaces accordingly, resolve environmental factors that discourage occupancy and monitor the impact of restructuring or workforce changes to be sure that every part of your building is fully utilised.

Optimised Utilities and Services

Net4’s solutions can use thermostats and other sensors linked to video analytics to adapt environmental controls to room usage, saving energy to make buildings greener and more economical – or highlight times of low occupancy when those using the building could be concentrated into a smaller area to conserve energy.

As well as automatically adjusting lighting, heating, blinds and other fittings in real time to optimise energy use, Net4 technology can monitor a host of other elements to streamline building services and ensure health and safety compliance: like alerting the relevant services when bins need emptying; after a certain volume of toilet or kitchen visits; if there are spills, trip hazards or litter; if pass-activated or fire doors are left open; or any other element of interest that you request.
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