A platform that delivers true

Low Code Environment

Focus on whats important, rather than burying your team in complex code

Accelerate Projects

Self service graphicsal interfaces massively reduce time to production and value.

Sensor Agnostic platform

Work across an open Eco-system of sensors to delivery a variety of use cases.

Drive Business Value

A rapid and flexible environment delivering value from PoC to Production.

The right Tool for the right job

Thingable empowers Net4 partners to create applications that can make use of any sensor that can transmit information over standard IP based protocols . This enablesintelligent business applications to be created that make use of data from best of breed sensors in a single central view and database service.

The Thingable SaaS model also allows proof of concepts to be created for a much lower price and tailored content to be show to customers quickly. Leveraging SaaS (Software as a Service) any proof of concept design can also be immediately scaled to live with support of millions of devices with no additional changes to the application, database, server or code.

This rapid deployment model means  

  • Agile development of any Industrial/Commercial IoT Applications
  • Fast Proof-of-Concept deployment
  • One stop shop for all required components (SCADA, EAM, Analytics, IoT Device    Connection using the Watson IoT Platform or Net4 IoT, database and historian data storage)

Gain Rapid Device to Cloud Data Ingestion and Operation using accredited devices with the Ready for Watson IoT program or other best of breed sensor technologies

Tried, Tested and Extensive

Thingable provides access to a range of applet modules allowing administrative users to utilise drag and drop functions to quickly build application and page layouts.

A quick start wizard guides users through the creation of the frame, layout and menu placement for the application they are building allowing them to augment this further with graphing, forms, gauges and other visual display applets.

A built in mobile optimiser allows browser and mobile visual views to be maintained in the single application to reduce development time for making native mobile applications.

The Thingable platform utilises the IBM Node-Red code free logic builder to allow rules controlling the ingestion, parsing, manipulation and forwarding of data to be controlled.
Node-Red allows partners to use over 2700+ existing pre-created code modules to quickly build business logic in their applications.

Using the simple drag and drop interface partners can quickly move data from databases into rich graphical objects and filtered views.