Social Distancing Visual Analytics

About Social Distancing Visual Analytics

The Insight Analytics uses cameras, positioned in pre-determined locations to give a complete view of the space to be optimised.

The solution identifies people and objects in a video stream and uses artificial intelligence to determine occupancy and location of people and objects. Insights are then created to, for example, reflect the demographic of a group.
These insights are the basis for visualising, understanding and optimising the space and can be ingested by analytics platforms to generate further actionable in formation when combined with other sources of data.

The following Insights are available today:


Configuration of spaces is performed using a graphical user interface. This enables spaces to be divided into areas of interest and labelled to reflect how they are used to define Detection Zones.

Each person passing by outside the store within the detection zone is highlighted and is allocated a number. This number then correlates with a to-scale 2D plane image, as visible on the right.

Measure, predict and Influence shopper behaviour