Waste Management

About Waste Management

By implementing sensors embedded with LPWAN Technology into waste bins and using an intelligent low-power, wide area network based on the respective LPWAN protocol, cities can significantly reduce their operational costs by streamlining their waste collection routes and deploying trash bins only where they are necessary.


NET4 provide a range of sensors that are placed on waste bins to detect dept between the bin lid and the waste inside. Utilising embedded LPWAN Technology Net4 can offer a range of different communication types to suit the deployment use case and project running cost ensuring the best return on investment to achieve consistent and reliable period reporting of the fill rate of the waste bins. Net4 can deploy sensor direct to cloud or multi-sensor to gateway and then cloud as a model. The sensor generates the data and sends the information to the Net4 processing network where the data is converted into usable information for analyzing by an application server. Data can be visualised on the Net4 Thingable platform or passed to our partners over an API service for utilisation within existing applications or other third party business intelligence systems. Net4 can provide customised applications for interpreting the insights from the sensors which can then be used to optimize waste collection routes and can feed into planning applications by indicating which waste bins need to be emptied. The optimized route can then be automatically sent to drivers via computer or mobile, so that they only empty full waste bins in the most fuel efficient route.