WE CREATE SOLUTIONS. Providing IoT solutions designed for simplicity & scale Net4 fills the gap identified in the delivery of IoT solutions into the existing IT and telecom channels through providing offering that would allow organisations to accelerate their get to market for IoT. View our Solutions Customer Centric. Focusing on the customers desired outcome rather than selling technology Net4 fills the gap identified in the delivery of IoT solutions into the existing IT and telecom channels through providing offering that would allow organisations to accelerate their get to market for IoT. Find out How?

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We have strong knowledge of technology & development as well as sales, channel management and distribution.

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Enterprise Asset Management: All-inclusive platform for your asset management to greatly improve the utilization of the assets throughout its total lifecycle.



Supervisory control and data acquisition: Receiving and processing of data from multiple sensors, PLCs, and RTUs



Business Intelligent reports to improve your decision making in real time and stay abreast of competition.



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Waste Management

By implementing sensors embedded with LPWAN Technology into waste bins and using an intelligent low-power, wide area network based on the respective LPWAN protocol, cities can significantly reduce their operational costs by streamlining their waste collection routes and deploying trash bins only where they are necessary.

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Fever Detection

The Net4 gate and wall mounted facial and thermal recognition camera solution includes mounting brackets, video and thermal imaging camera, as well as configuration and alerting software. This solution is for businesses looking to monitor staff one at a time; idea for building barrier or door entry points. The solution allows a real-time temperature measurement to be taken and for the staff member to be approved for entry. This platform allows for quick local analysis or a more detailed central analysis across locations.

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PPE Detection

Net4’s PPE monitoring utilises visual insights to identify face mask usage Utilising existing or using new CCTV cameras, Net4 can provide automated monitoring of staff, customers and other people to ensure masks and other PPE is being used. Not only will our solution identify if PPE is being used but also if it is being worn correctly.  We can deliver audible alerts to reminder people or provide a notification to a 3rd party.

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Social Distancing : Wearables

The Net4 social distancing alert system is designed to alert a wearer that they are too close to another device wearer and can move away.   The Net4 social distancing solutions have been chosen to offer a variety of deployment options. It can be deployed in a wristband form factor with local communication between wristband or as a cloud connected service where monitoring for compliance is required.   Devices will alert the wearers to a situation which may lead to risk of harm so they can take immediate appropriate action.

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Social Distancing : Visual Analytics

Utilising existing camera networks or by installing new cameras as required, Net4 is able to provide alerts when people move too close to each other.  The distance upon which an alert is created can be altered based on local requirements, currently 2m in the UK.   Mounted cameras will continually monitor people within defined spaces to ensure that social distancing is adhered to. Alerts can be used to trigger an immediate local alarm or handed off to a third party application for processing.

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  • Legionella monitoring, compliance and legislation September 4, 2020
    It is natural to find legionella bacteria in freshwater lakes and ponds. Some inevitably gets into domestic supplies and in very small quantities it is harmless. It is when it manages to breed and multiply inside our plumbing systems that it becomes dangerous. The lungs are particularly susceptible. Most people think of a pneumonia-like illness […]
  • Video analytics and Edge computing August 26, 2020
     The last decade has seen huge advances in artificial intelligence, smart devices and video analytics. The next will see a dramatic increase in the devices built from them. In fact, demand will be so high that we need to start thinking about our capacity to deliver them.
  • Air quality monitoring August 20, 2020
    The Environment Protection Agency recently declared that “Air pollution has a devastating impact on the UK population, shortening lives, causing early deaths and ill health. It is a bigger global killer than smoking. It costs the UK economy over £20 billion a year.” ( https://www.environmental-protection.org.uk/policy-areas/air-quality/air-pollution-law-and-policy/air-pollution-laws/.)  
  • Asset Security July 20, 2020
    Commercial theft is not only growing, but for markets contracting after Covid-19, it is even more damaging. The majority of serious thefts are conducted by career criminals, but the Covid-19 lockdown affected them too, closing access to their markets and making them conspicuous on the roads. Now the lockdown is lifting, they will be as […]

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