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Health and Safety

Preventing accidents, ensuring compliance

Keeping staff and customers safe is not just a legal and moral obligation for every business – it is a business imperative. Accidents cost time and money, and damage reputations.

Net4 can supply the latest in sensor technology or apply cutting-edge video analytics techniques to your existing camera network to offer you user-friendly, affordable safety tools tailored to your needs. And because the computers monitor situations rather than people and don’t store footage or images, our solutions are GDPR compliant and safeguard the privacy of individual s more effectively than human operatives.
Can process input from a large number of cameras and sensors in real time with unflagging vigilance and complete reliability.
Immediate alerts stop hazards becoming accidents
Reduces the potential for human error, a leading cause of accidents
Reliable and comprehensive reporting and analysis
Can monitor multiple specific criteria defined by you
GDPR compliant, safeguards worker privacy

6.3 million working days are lost every year from injuries sustained in the workplace

Net4 IoT Solutions for Health and Safety

Lone Worker

Isolated workers are particularly vulnerable in case of accident. Our video analytics and wearable technology automatically detect danger signs (prolonged inactivity, falls, proximity to hazard, presence in restricted area), alert you to the situation and summon help fast. We work with you to define when an alarm should be triggered, depending on the nature of worker activity and the common hazards.

Worker Safety

Our systems use a combination of cameras and sensors on people, vehicles and fittings to alert you and your staff to dangerous situations as they unfold.

From proximity alarms that warn of imminent collisions to zonal awareness that lets you know when there are too many or unauthorised personnel in a particular zone, our solutions adapt to moving and hostile environments. A simple interface allows you to set different parameters for different zones of your workspace and programme them to change over the course of the day or week to reflect fluctuations in workspace use or in response to specific events such as the arrival of a delivery lorry. You can change the parameters in real time to respond to incidents as soon as they occur. The system can even detect when it isn’t needed and power down to save you money.


Compliance with safety measures is key to preventing accidents and the cost of non-compliance can be huge in terms of fines and insurance.

Our technology makes sure you are as compliant as possible with regulatory and internal safety and security guidelines. It can tell you when staff or visitors are not using the required PPE, or are using it incorrectly; alert you to unauthorised entry to restricted zones or use of restricted equipment; and conduct pre-entry verification of clothing, equipment or security clearance before allowing access to controlled areas.

Analysis and Reporting

In addition to real-time monitoring, our solutions offer comprehensive analysis and reporting of safety data to help in demonstrating compliance and processing insurance claims. By recognising patterns in the data over time, the system can alert you to zones, times, events or activities that pose a particular risk, allowing you to identify times and zones when footfall or activity is particularly high or PPE compliance low and address recurrent or ongoing safety issues.
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