Net4 and Arm are excited to announce the release of their AI based mask detection system

20 October 2020
Damian Bemben

The camera-based solution provides automatic detection of people wearing masks; including the correct placement of the mask over the nose and mouth. Feedback is provided onscreen with a smiley face for correct utilisation and a polite reminder if a mask is not being used. Additionally, alerts can be sent to third party systems to provide notifications within an app or even drive events such as opening or closing a door or triggering other entry systems.

The solution is available as a stand-alone set up requiring only power or it can be extended to a multi door, multi-screen system for larger venues such as offices, conference facilities, hospitals and department stores.

With the recent updated guidance, the Net4 solution provides a simple and easy to deploy way of ensuring customers and staff comply with legislation as well as removing the need for confrontation, which can easily lead to customer dissatisfaction and unnecessary stress for staff.

Alex Taylor Net4 CEO stated, “we are really excited to make the mask detection solution available in conjunction with Arm. Because we are using the latest NVIDIA technology we can automatically upgrade the solution over the air to capture other events customers may require”.

To watch our solution in action please go to:

About Net4:

Net4 is an IoT solutions provider based in the UK.  Net4 provides IoT solutions to its IT & Telecom partners, enabling them to painlessly advance their IoT offerings.

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